These submissions to the Special Committee on Reforming the Police Act (SCORPA) use disaggregated demographic data to reveal disturbing racial disparities in policing in our province. They recommend reforming a range of policing activities in B.C. to reduce systemic racism and improve safety by improving equity.

The time for debate about whether systemic racism exists in policing is over—particularly, but not exclusively, as it effects Indigenous and Black people in British Columbia. It is time to act.

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Support for impacted communities

The data we are releasing points to a trend of over policing of racialized people in British Columbia. We recognize this information will be deeply disturbing for many people in our province to hear. This issue, while critical to examine, is extremely challenging, especially for people who have experienced or witnessed negative interactions with police or law enforcement. Members of police services who are shocked by these statistics and concerned with the conclusions drawn may also feel the need for support. B.C. residents who experience distress at hearing this news or who need immediate help can access a list of crisis lines and emergency mental health supports we have compiled on our website at: