Our Office’s educational materials, workshops and publications—all in one place.

  • Code sessions

    These sessions explain the B.C. Human Rights Code, with a focus on employment, housing and services. You can book a session for your organization for free or access recordings and other resources online in multiple languages.

  • Employment equity

    Support the advance of employment equity in your workplace with our well-researched toolkit. Materials are available on topics including accommodations, compensation, disaggregated data collection, hiring practices and anti-discrimination policies and complaint procedures.

  • Hate speech Q&A

    What is hate speech, what do B.C.’s and Canada’s laws say about it and what you can do? Find out through our question-and-answer page about hate speech and the law.

  • Videos

    We are producing a series of videos highlighting people in B.C. whose stories highlight the importance of human rights. We are also developing short videos to explain human rights and the human rights system in B.C. in a way that is easy to understand.

  • Publications

    We frequently release publications, including Inquiry reports, submissions to government and other bodies and our annual reports, strategic plans and budget submissions.

  • Glossary

    Our glossary is a growing resource. Understanding that language is a tool with many nuances, you can visit our glossary to see the intended definitions of several key terms we use.