An illustration of a people-shaped paper garland. Two hands on each side of the graphic are holding the garland up across the image. Behind the garland is an illustration of Earth and sunflowers.

Introducing human rights

These videos introduce basic information about human rights. You’ll learn what human rights are, how human rights are protected, and how the human rights system works in B.C. Each video is short and helps make complex information and ideas easy to understand.

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A photo of Anthon Brown, a Black man in his 60s who is wearing an orange shirt and hat. He is holding a black and white photo of his grandparents.

I love my human rights

“Our ‘I love my human rights’ storytelling project grew from the idea that it’s much harder to cling to stereotypes, biases or hateful views of others when we can understand and relate to their stories,” says Commissioner Govender. “Empathy and emotional connection can be powerful corrosive agents against hate and discrimination.”

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