Our mandate

To address the root causes of inequality, discrimination and injustice in B.C. by shifting laws, policies, practices and cultures. We do this work through education, research, advocacy, inquiry and monitoring.

Our vision

A province free from inequality, discrimination, and injustice where we uphold human rights for all and fulfil our responsibilities to one another.

Our role

  • Identify and promote the elimination of discriminatory practices, policies and programs
  • Develop, deliver and support research and education about human rights
  • Create policies, guidelines and recommendations to prevent discrimination and ensure policies, programs and legislation are consistent with the BC Human Rights Code
  • Promote compliance with international human rights obligations
  • Approve special programs to improve conditions of disadvantaged individuals or groups
  • Intervene or represent complainants in human rights proceedings before the BC Human Rights Tribunal and other courts and tribunals
  • Conduct human rights investigations and inquiries and issue reports and recommendations
  • Make special reports to the Legislature about human rights in B.C.
  • Inquire into matters referred to BC’s Human Rights Commissioner by the Legislative Assembly