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Address the root causes of inequality, discrimination and injustice in B.C. by shifting laws, policies, practices and cultures. We do this work through education, research, advocacy, inquiry and monitoring.

Inquiry into hate in the pandemic

B.C.’s Human Rights Commissioner is conducting an inquiry into hate incidents in B.C. during the COVID-19 pandemic (the “Inquiry”). The Inquiry arose out of the significant increase in reported hate-related incidents, including online incidents, in B.C. since the start of the pandemic in early 2020.

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Our small team is currently receiving high volumes of calls on vaccine passports. We appreciate hearing from you, however we don’t have staff to answer all these calls. For concerns on public health orders, direct your calls to the Office of the Provincial Health Officer, which is ultimately responsible for all public health orders: 250-952-1891. To contact us, instead of calling, please email info@bchumanrights.ca.

PUBLIC NOTICE: BC’s Office of the Human Rights Commissioner has received reports of unauthorized use of our logo. Our logo has been placed on what appear to be anti-masking documents created by a group protesting the government’s mandatory mask order. These documents were created and circulated without our permission. Our mask poster is intended to explain the available exemptions, including for those who are unable to wear a mask due to a disability or medical condition. There is no exemption from the order for those who are able to wear a mask but choose not to as a matter of personal preference. For accurate COVID-19 human rights information from our Office, please refer to our official materials at: bchumanrights.ca/key-issues/covid-19

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