BC High School Students: Meet BC’s Human Rights Commissioner, Kasari Govender

BC’s Human Rights Commissioner Kasari Govender invites grade 10-12 classes from across the province for an online Zoom session. The Commissioner will speak about the new BC Commission, the BC Human Rights Code and reflect on human rights in BC today.

Where, When, and How

  • When: A one-hour webinar on Tuesday May 26 from 2:00-3:00pm
  • Where: To participate with your classes, teachers should sign up using the form below. We will send you the Zoom login credentials the day before the call!

How Students Can Prepare and Participate

Before the event, students are encouraged to find a human rights news story and bring a question for the commissioner. Depending on the number of participants, we might need to limit the questions to one per class. Please have your students decide on their collective question ahead of time, and also have their own question if time allows. Unanswered questions will be posted on our website with responses from the Commission.

Here is a blurb you can copy to send to your students:

Find one human rights news story in BC or Canada. Using the story or your own experiences with human rights, think of a question to ask the Commissioner in advance of the event. At the session, Office staff will moderate questions to the Commissioner!

Zoom Call with BC's Human Rights Commissioner
Feel free to list multiple subjects if one teacher is inviting more than one class.

Help Spread the Word! 

Please share this link with any teaching colleagues across BC


If you have any questions about the event, please contact Sharon Thira, Executive Director, Education & Engagement, at Sharon.Thira@bchumanrights.ca.

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