• Discrimination
  • Case Study

You run a convenience store and like most stores in this chain you are especially busy at Christmas. Every year you go all out decorating the store and you make more in the month of December than any other month in the year. You are assigning a worker to decorate the store because all the poinsettias arrived yesterday. You want the plants out on the floor as soon as possible. You are surprised when the worker says she can’t because it is against her religious beliefs. This worker has told you before that she is a Jehovah Witness and you know that means she doesn’t celebrate Christmas, but you are surprised when she refuses to put out the poinsettias. You are also frustrated because you really need the store decorated. You tell her that she can put out the poinsettias or be fired.

  • Are you meeting your responsibilities under the Code?

    No, you are not meeting your responsibilities under the Code. You are insisting this worker act against her religious beliefs or be fired. You are responsible to explore an accommodation with this worker, such as assigning her different work.

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