A woman goes about her kitchen in a wheelchair. She is white, has red hair, and wears a yellow top and beige pants.
  • Discrimination / Case Study

Providing a wheelchair ramp

You own an apartment building and one of the renters has been diagnosed with a disease that means she now is using a wheelchair. Your apartment building is old and it has several steps up…

Elderly woman coughs into her right hand. Her other hand clutches her chest.
  • Discrimination / Case Study

Secondhand smoke in a rental building

You own and run subsidized housing and recently several renters have been complaining about being exposed to secondhand smoke. The renters say that the secondhand smoke is bad for their health and makes it harder…

A young Black man in a wheelchair, outside on a sunny day.
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Immigration detention in provincial correctional centres

Three diverse women are looking at a laptop.
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Budget submission 2021/22–2023/24

An older white man is standing in an alley with his hands in his pockets and looking into the distance proudly. He is wearing a colourful assortment of clothing with a jean jacket, orange hat, and blue glasses.
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Public Interest Disclosure Act: Annual report about disclosures for BC’s Office of the Human Rights Commissioner