A middle-aged woman with light-medium skin tone smiles. She is wearing a black blouse and a colourful necklace.
  • Discrimination / Case Study

Smudging in a rental unit

You are Indigenous and smudging is part of your spiritual traditions. You and your two children apply to rent an apartment. The landlord says that no smoking or drugs are allowed on the property. You…

A close-up portrait of a young Pakistani man with a serious expression
  • Discrimination / Case Study

Scheduling your work shifts

You work at the community centre in facilities. There are weekday shifts as well as weekend shifts for special events. Most facilities workers prefer the weekday shifts, so your boss has made a policy that…

A Black person with a shaved head working at a shop, rearranging a sign.
  • Discrimination / Case Study

Decorating a convenience store

You run a convenience store and like most stores in this chain you are especially busy at Christmas. Every year you go all out decorating the store and you make more in the month of…