• Discrimination
  • Case Study

You have been hiring new security guards this month. Security guards with your firm work at malls, community centres, schools, and hospitals. Your security firm requires all applicants to have a criminal record check. You use the criminal record check as a tool to ensure that your security guards can work at sites where there are vulnerable people like kids at schools or sick people in hospitals, without posing a risk to them. Your firm promises everyone who hires your security guards that you’ve done this check. One of the recent applicants says she won’t get a criminal check. You hope she changes her mind, because you can’t hire her if she doesn’t get the check done.

  • Are you meeting your responsibilities under the Code?

    Yes, you are meeting your responsibilities under the Code. A criminal record check is a legitimate job requirement for workers who are working with or around vulnerable people.  You don’t know yet if the applicant has a criminal record that is relevant to the job, and you can ask for a criminal record check.

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