• Discrimination
  • Case Study

You work at a garden centre, taking care of the plants in both indoor and outdoor spaces. You also interview and hire students to work under your supervision during the busy summer months. You have an invisible disability, and you bring your dog to work with you most days to help manage your symptoms. You have your dog with you when you interview a student who has applied for summer work. In front of your coworkers, the owner of the garden centre tells you it was inappropriate for you to have your dog with you during an interview. He tells a joke about increasing your medication instead of needing your dog, and your coworkers laugh at this joke. You are not sure how to go back to work now that your coworkers know about your disability and now that it seems your dog is no longer welcome.

  • Are you experiencing discrimination under the Code?

    Yes, you are experiencing discrimination under the Code. A mental disability is a part of your identity protected by the Code, even if it is not immediately visible to others. Your boss shared your private medical information without your permission. You are humiliated, embarrassed, and it seems like your dog is not actually welcome at your place of work. You are feeling unsupported and mocked by your employer. You can prove the harm you are experiencing is connected to your disability, because the comments your employer made were directly about your condition.

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