Our goals

  • Involve community in identifying human rights priorities, concerns and recommendations
  • Identify which solutions are most successful at creating social change
  • Raise public awareness about human rights issues and initiatives
  • Build relationships within the networks of human rights actors in B.C. to enhance capacity and strength

Our approach

Engage people across British Columbia in developing a province-wide map of issues, priorities, solutions, and recommended practices related to human rights and social justice issues.

Our process

Baseline projectPhase onePhase two
The Baseline project is divided into two early phasesCompile recent research on recommendations from community organizations related to human rights issues

Prepare for extensive community engagement during Phase Two

Establish a circle of advisors from communities across the province to guide the work
Engage with communities across the province through community dialogues, workshops, focus groups, individual interviews and surveys

Share what we have learned from communities

Develop innovative resources and strategies to support people in British Columbia in making change within your communities

What human rights are most important to you and the communities you belong to? How are you addressing these issues? We want to know!

Join us on this journey!

Share your research

BCOHRC invites researchers working in relevant fields to share their work with this important project.

Adding your research will strengthen this process and contribute to social change in our communities.

Information on more ways to get involved is coming soon.