A portrait of a trans Asian person with blonde hair in a library
  • Discrimination / Case Study

Planning accommodations

You are starting back at your job at the public library after being off for two months with a bad back. Before returning to work your doctor provides you with information about what changes related…

A Black man working as an architect busy at his desk
  • Discrimination / Case Study

Firing an architect

You are the only Black architect at a small firm. You’ve been there less than six months and have been working hard. You’ve made some mistakes with measurements and drawings on your projects. You’ve missed…

A white woman is working as a dental hygienist. She is cleaning the teeth of a young Black patient.
  • Discrimination / Case Study

Missing work at the office

You are a dental hygienist and work part-time at a local dentist office. You are pregnant but haven’t told anyone at work yet. During the first few months of your pregnancy, you experience severe morning…

A close-up portrait of a young Pakistani man with a serious expression
  • Discrimination / Case Study

Scheduling your work shifts

You work at the community centre in facilities. There are weekday shifts as well as weekend shifts for special events. Most facilities workers prefer the weekday shifts, so your boss has made a policy that…

A visually impaired woman with her service dog at work
  • Discrimination / Case Study

Taking your dog to work

You work at a garden centre, taking care of the plants in both indoor and outdoor spaces. You also interview and hire students to work under your supervision during the busy summer months. You have…

A close- up portrait of a Black woman wearing a Hijab interviewing another person off camera.
  • Discrimination / Case Study

Answering interview questions

You are applying for a part-time job as bookkeeper at a community organization. At the beginning of the interview, the director says she is pleased with your qualifications and the amount of experience you have…

A close-up portrait of a Black non-binary person wearing hiking gear outdoors. They have a serious expression on their face.
  • Discrimination / Case Study

Reporting harassment

You love being a park ranger and spending so much time outdoors. You and your team spend a lot of time together driving and hiking to survey remote areas of parks. On several trips this…

A woman with brown skin and black hair working as a security guard at an outdoor event.
  • Discrimination / Case Study

Hiring security guards

You have been hiring new security guards this month. Security guards with your firm work at malls, community centres, schools, and hospitals. Your security firm requires all applicants to have a criminal record check. You…

A white person who is deaf and wearing a clear mask working at a bar
  • Discrimination / Case Study

Filling a position at the bar

The bar you own is getting busier and busier. For the first time, you are hiring a barback. The barback will make sure the bartenders don’t run out of supplies while they are busy making…

A middle aged white man working as a landscaper in a field outdoors
  • Discrimination / Case Study

Hiring a landscaper

You have a small landscaping company and have so much work you need to hire a new landscaper this year. There is a lot of physical work involved in being a landscaper, so you put…

A Black person with a shaved head working at a shop, rearranging a sign.
  • Discrimination / Case Study

Decorating a convenience store

You run a convenience store and like most stores in this chain you are especially busy at Christmas. Every year you go all out decorating the store and you make more in the month of…

A close-up portrait of a young white person working at a pet store. They are holding a kitten.
  • Discrimination / Case Study

Running a pet store

You hire a new worker for a customer service position at your pet store. At first, the new hire does a great job. They are friendly with the customers’ pets, always on time, and great…